The New Samsung 3D Drove televisions

Viewing the most recent 3D film utilized as the greatest rush bcg matrix of samsung once upon a time. Presently Sansung has changed this bigtime! Samsung has now acquainted with a home close to you the very first 3D Drove TVs. Recall those old modest paper 3D glasses from bygone eras?

We you won’t require those any longer! They have been supplanted by the new dynamic framework shade glasses, These cool glasses seem to be there straight out of the film The Lattice,. How cool to not need to hang tight for the most recent 3D film! Not any more holding up in lengthy lines and sitting in packed venues eating overrated popcorn. haha. Presently you should simply essentially pop in you Dlu-Beam circle of your decision in the 3D player and get ready for a staggering night.

3 Models where presented recently you have the Samsung UNC7000 there is likewise the UN8000 purchase Samsung 3d and the really meager UNC9000 all were presented a CES spring of this current year, We saw these screen upclose and goodness, they even had he 3D DEMOS. I let you know what the New Samsung 3D will diffently be a distinct advantage. They have such a relistic show we were truly terrified watching a startling film on this screen, As beasts on the screen appear to jump ok into your living room

At CES the folks at Samsung likewise flaunted there new underlying Application Store,which resembles a new staggering Macintosh television store,This was a truly cool feature.Now you dont need to race to the PC to email that young lady from spring break the previous summer, you can do everything from your parlor. Presently Facebook, Twitter, YouTube even Pandora And Netflix will be accessible and numerous other apps.Many secret applications are arranged likewise, All that we saw television and online application wise performed perfectly.