Keeping The Way Of The Tree Of Life

Each sphere of the Kabala Tree of Life has specific correspondences that can help focus your intention on your spiritual work. The following lists the correspondences for each sphere’s divine name, angels, colors, best day of the week for working with the sphere and what crystal ball to use.

When working with the name of the sphere tree of life meaning and its angels, it is best to tone or chant, first the Divine Name and then the angelic names associated with it. Visualize colors, or use an altar cloth in that color. Wearing that color will help open that sphere’s portal also. If you are unable to obtain the appropriate crystal ball, substituting a piece of natural crystal will work, but if at all possible, the balls are best for scrying as they are powerful circles and make excellent portals for sphere work.

Malkuth-affairs of the home, natural beings, health, Spirit Guides, how to overcome

Divine Name- Adonai Ha-Aretz

  • Angels-Prince of Prayers (Sandalphon) and the Blessed Souls (Ashim)
  • Colors-black, olive green, russet and yellow
  • Day of the Week-any day
  • Crystal ball-Clear or Smoky Quartz, Citrine

Yesod- psychic information, emotions, change, dreamwork, Divine Plan and Life Work, omen’s especially those from nature

Divine Name-Shaddai El Chai

  • Angels-Angel of Truth (Gabriel), the Angels of Light and Glory (Cherubim)
  • Colors-violet
  • Day of the Week-Monday
  • Crystal ball-Amethyst

Hod-discerning the truth, communication, business dealings, education, scientific knowledge

Divine Name-Elohim Tzabaoth

  • Angels-Prince of Splendor (Michael) and the Sons of God (Beni Elohim)
  • Color-orange
  • Day of the Week-Wednesday
  • Crystal ball-Orange Citrine