How to Understand Autism with Pictures

These are different from tantrums or attention-seeking behavior because they don’t happen on purpose. The autistic person should be helped away from the situation, rather than punished or scolded.Meltdowns look similar to a tantrum, but are not done on purpose. They may involve crying, screaming, lashing out, throwing oneself on the floor, et cetera. Both autistic and non-autistic people have trouble understanding each other.

One interventional strategy utilizes a parent training model, which teaches parents how to implement various ABA and DSP techniques, allowing for parents to disseminate interventions themselves. Various DSP programs have been developed to explicitly deliver intervention systems through at-home parent implementation.

It’s that little girl laughing and stacking books how she wanted to, instead of how all the neurotypical people around her were doing it. If you’re autistic, it might be difficult to explain to other people how a sound, light, or sensation makes you feel.

The children were rewarded if they gave correct responses to tactile, auditory and visual stimulation. ‘Autistic’ children were found more likely to respond to tactile and visual stimulation than auditory stimulation although they could be taught to respond to sound if they were rewarded (Hermelin and O’Connor, 1963). Autism with low support needs can be hard to diagnose in anyone. But since children typically have several grown-ups monitoring them , getting to the point where an evaluation is actually done may be harder for autistic adults.

How Is Autism Diagnosed?

Pay attention to how your child reacts to sensory stimuli. Many autistic children have Sensory Processing Disorder, a condition in which their senses may be hypersensitive, or hyposensitive. Therapies, or interventions, are designed to remedy specific symptoms in each individual.

The claim that autistic people “lack empathy” is misleading. While autistics may struggle to understand others, they often care deeply.

Mild Autism and Treatment

Still, a diagnosis of autism as an adult can come as an unwanted surprise. You may even experience denial or anxiety over the diagnosis. On the other hand, if you’ve long suspected that you have ASD or some other condition that sets you apart from your peers, a diagnosis can come as a relief.

They say that it forces people to conform to a rigid definition of “normal” and stifles behavior that’s part of having autism. They claim that it’s the best way for a person with autism to adapt in a way that lets them live in society more easily. But early treatment can make a big difference in development for a child with autism. If you think your child shows symptoms of ASD, tell your doctor as soon as possible. More children are diagnosed with autism now than ever before.

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Masking is when someone suppresses or covers up autism traits in order to “fit in” better with those around them. Examples of this include imitating the way others speak or carry themselves, and practicing statements before saying them. Autism traits may become more obvious as a child gets older. For example, an autistic preteen might be unable to keep up socially with their peers. The term “mild autism” can be confusing unless you know that autism is a spectrum disorder with traits that range from the least to most intense. Verywell Health’s content is for informational and educational purposes only. Our website is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.