A Green Computer System In Your Hotel

Making the internet accessible to your guests and being environmentally sensitive are good goals to strive for. These goals are available to you with an integrated computer hardware and software solution. With a high speed internet connection and up to ten monitors and keyboards per CPU, you can enter the internet society world. This could beat offering a wireless internet service as far as computer and internet security goes, as well as keeping the connection speed strong. It’s a green system because of the resources saved by not producing as many CPUs and because of the energy conservation you experience by running fewer computers.

Thanks to Userful computer system Validation training in hyderabad Corporation you can now create your own internet cafe in your hotel or bed & breakfast. If you have a high speed internet connection, you can provide internet service to your guests and clients with this internet portal and workstation system. Put the power of a desktop PC at your guests fingertips.

Here’s how it works. You run DiscoverStation software on one computer and have ten computer monitors and keyboards access the power of that computer. Internet security updates are uploaded to your computer automatically, and technology support is a phone call away. You can set up a room as your internet cafe or distribute the stations around your property, in guest rooms or meeting rooms.

This new computer networking solution is being marketed as a green action. There is clearly a green component involved. With only one CPU instead of ten, you save on plastics and electronics, thereby saving resources. And you save energy in the process too — energy conservation from beginning to end is a component of sustainability.

Since many travelers need to check e-mail and surf the web, you can provide the service of making it easy and convenient to do those things. For example, people print out airline tickets while on the road, and many want access to a full computer system for various tasks. This can become an income stream for you by selling the equivalent of a calling card for the computer user to buy their computer time with. Offer the “calling cards” for sale and you are in business.

One problem this helps to solve is the challenge of providing a reliable wifi connection to your guest rooms. Sometimes the signal is too poor to be of any service to guests on their personal laptop computers. Sometimes the connection gets overloaded with users so it’s ineffective for everyone. If some of your guests are using your computer system, the internet load is taken off the wifi connection so people using it have better service.

Whether you want to think of this computer concept as green or not, it’s an interesting service that you can offer. And it’s a possible income source for you as well.