2022 Moon Phases

They have an inner mission to set things right, and generally like to oversee the goings-on in their little circle. The Moon is “at home” in the sign of Cancer, as the Moon is the natural ruler of the sign. Read more about moon phase astrology calendar here. Their openness to new ideas is admirable, although decisiveness and persistence take a blow as a result.

Taurus moon:

During eclipses , the eclipse lines up with the Nodes of Fate. These are two astrological points in the sky that you can’t see because they appear where the path that is ecliptic of the sun intersects with the path of the moon. Capricorn Moon natives can find it challenging to relax and just let loose. They have an extremely serious attitude and outlook toward life, and they do not allow themselves to let their hair down.

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You’ve probably heard someone forewarning of an approaching Full Moon, as energy is noted to be more erratic during this phase. There is a longstanding myth that the emergency rooms of hospitals are nearly overrun during Full Moons. This myth has since been debunked, but the fact remains that the Moon does affect our emotional state, which brings us to the Moon sign.

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Events may occur now that highlight the need to trust. The tendency to read between the lines with a negative slant is strong during this transit, and can easily stir up trouble. Suspiciousness, making mountains out of molehills, telling others only what we want them to know are possible themes. We should try to avoid forcing our ideas on others and strive to maintain an open mind. On the other hand, this influence can suggest the ability to engage in deep, penetrating communication. Expansive feelings in love, and a feeling that anything is possible if we set our sights high enough, are experienced now.

They thrive in partnerships and are often serial monogamists because they value one-on-one time. They love deeply, express loudly, and rarely keep their feelings close to their chest. They will always want to talk about big ideas because this is how they find meaning.